Why Summer’s better with a Camper Van

Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier. Things are heating up, the beer gardens are getting busy and it’s time to plan your next getaway.

Now here at Vdubline, we might be a little bit biased, but we think everyone should have the chance to have a camper van in their life this summer. We can’t think of a better way to see the UK or venture further afield.

Freedom, flexibility and fun – what’s not to love?

Here’s why summer’s instantly better with a Vdubline camper van:

Plenty of Room

No need to worry about whether you can fit everything you need for a weekend away in your vehicle. Take one look at our fleet of camper vans and you’ll soon see that you can take everything …and then some!

Depending on which model you choose, you can make extra room with passenger swivelling seats, fill your 50ltr fridge freezer and use the reimo front elevating roof with bed to name a few features. Basically, your needs are covered and most of our vehicles are 4 berth, so lots of room for extra guests and friends and family.

And you can always benefit from add-ons too, with bike racks, outdoor camping tables and kitchen packs available too.


Where are you going to head to first then? Well, the world’s your oyster…ok, maybe not the whole world, but the UK is a fantastic start with a treasure trove of locations up and down the country that are family and campervan friendly. From campsites in coastal Cornwall to the cooler climate of the Scottish Highlands – get your map out, pick a destination and away you go.

If you’re heading overseas then our camper vans are more than ideal for long journeys, full of driving and you’ll have all your amenities, so you can make lots of stops en route. The ability to stop and start wherever you fancy and go where the win takes you means that it really is the perfect type of trip in terms of freedom and flexibility. We all know how changeable the weather and situations can be, so making tweaks to your trip is no problem with a camper van.

Festival Season

Don’t fancy sleeping in a roasting tent and getting zero hours sleep at your next festival? Gone are the days of having to live rough for a few nights in discomfort, because with one of our camper vans, you can zoom off to your next festival, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be safe, secure and comfortable.

Being able to take everything you need, for every eventuality means that you can get down to the main call of business which is enjoying music and the arts at your favourite festival.

You’ve got your travel and your accommodation pretty much sorted and you can escape the crowds, save money on food and generally get a good night’s kip…oh and you won’t be wandering around trying to find your tent for hours either!

For more information about Vdubline camper vans, get in touch today.

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