Why you should take a campervan holiday to Silverstone

Taking a campervan holiday to Silverstone, for the British Formula One race offers a unique and exhilarating experience that blends the thrill of world-class motorsport with the freedom and flexibility of van life. Here’s why you should consider this adventurous approach for your next holiday, and why Vdubline can make it an unforgettable trip.

Unmatched Convenience and Flexibility

A campervan holiday offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to stay right on the doorstep of the action. Silverstone Circuit offers several camping areas specifically for campervans, ensuring you’re never far from the track. This proximity means you can wake up to the sounds of roaring engines, enjoy breakfast while watching early practice sessions, and easily return to your campervan to rest or refuel between events.

Immersive Race Weekend Experience

Staying in a campervan at Silverstone allows you to fully immerse yourself in the race weekend. You’ll be surrounded by fellow motorsport enthusiasts, creating a vibrant community atmosphere. Evening entertainment, from live music to fan zones, becomes easily accessible, and you can engage with like-minded fans, share stories, and soak up the unique race weekend camaraderie.

Comfort and Self-Sufficiency

Modern campervans offer a level of comfort that rivals many hotels. Equipped with cosy sleeping areas, kitchen facilities, and even bathrooms, a campervan provides a home-away-from-home experience. This self-sufficiency means you can prepare your meals, keep your favourite beverages cold, and avoid the crowds and queues for amenities at the event.

Vdubline: Your Perfect Campervan Partner

Choosing the right campervan is crucial, and this is where Vdubline excels. Specialising in stylish, fully-equipped Volkswagen campervans, Vdubline ensures that your Silverstone adventure is both comfortable and memorable. Our vans are designed with motorsport fans in mind, offering ample storage for your gear, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and modern conveniences.

Vdubline’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means you can trust us to provide a reliable and enjoyable vehicle for your trip. Our user-friendly booking process and personalised service make planning your campervan holiday straightforward and stress-free.

Explore Beyond the Track

A campervan holiday also gives you the freedom to explore the surrounding areas. Silverstone is located in the picturesque Northamptonshire countryside, offering beautiful landscapes and charming villages. You can take a scenic drive, visit local attractions, or simply relax in the tranquil countryside when you need a break from the high-octane action of the race.


A campervan holiday to Silverstone for the British Formula One race combines the best of both worlds: the electrifying excitement of live motorsport and the relaxed, flexible lifestyle of van travel. With Vdubline providing top-notch campervans tailored for such events, you can ensure a comfortable, convenient, and truly memorable experience. Embrace the freedom, community, and adventure of a campervan holiday and make your next Silverstone trip one for the books.

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Rosie Egan

"Had another few days with Betsy, on my own this time. She is so easy to drive and to operate that I felt quite happy taking off for my own little adventure. If you are thinking about it, do it. When you hit problems (like how to put the wing mirrors in, where to put the diesel in, how to lock the van from within at night so that the alarm doesn't go off when you move) you just ring Alex for help - or google the How To video and watch it properly"

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"From start to finish dealing with Alex at Vdubline was a real pleasure.Prior to pick up we received a video all about the van and how to operate it, which he covered again when we collected the immaculately clean van.Van drove superbly and was surprisingly comfy in spite of sleeping 3 adults.The equipment is maintained to the highest standards and we had no issues over the 3 nights we used the van.Return was just as smooth and efficient and we would definitely recommend Vdubline as excellent value for money.Thanks team."

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